Witness describes attack on French newspaper Charlie Hebdo

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PARIS (AP) – A witness says the gunmen who attacked the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office in Paris today were so methodical — he initially thought they were from an elite anti-terrorism force until he saw them shoot and kill a french police officer.

He says, “They knew exactly what they had to do and exactly where to shoot.”

The gunman also killed a second police officer, who was serving as a bodyguard to the Charlie Hebdo newspaper’s editor. Also killed were the editor and nine others inside the offices of the satirical paper — which has angered Muslims with its caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

In the aftermath of the attack, thousands of people have gathered in a square nearby. They held signs reading, “I am Charlie,” in solidarity with the staff members of the newspaper, called Charlie Hebdo.

France has raised its security alert to the highest level, as the search continues for the three gunmen who carried out today’s attack.


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